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Mr. Subramaniam

(CCTV Installation Service)

We would like to Thank you for such an optimistic feedback on our service. We ensure the quality of our work every time and work with a determination to create a huge sum of Happy Customers like you. We are so blessed too have your feedback.

Customer Feedback:

I would like to share my feedback on the service received for installing the CCTV at my farm house this week. 

I got the HIK vision Turbo HD DVR (7100 series) installed with 4H channel. Also, enabled the WiFi connection through COFE 4G device with Reliance JIO SIM. 

Your team, key members like Tamil, Sabari and Nehru were very flexible for the timing, coordinated well and committed to provide the service. They did the complete setup in few hours (well planned & distributed the work withing their team members). They were well-equipped to cover end-to-end whether it is extension board for multiple powerpoints or monitor for viewing etc.

Once the DVR & camera installation is completed, they were able to setup the app on my mobile to view it remotely.


They also guided me to configure my laptop to view through desktop application as well as through a browser from any PC.

While standard cable network is best for remote viewing (high cost), they suggested me to go through wireless / SIM solution which is very economical and able to use it for DVR as well as for my local WiFi needs.


Another best thing is, instead of recording 24x7, they suggested to configure for recording only when movement is happening which was one of my requirement to play-back when actions were happening. 

What I liked is, “the team attitude”.  After couple of days, they followed for any support required and need for visiting the site for any fine-tuning.  👍👍👍

Overall, it’s been positive and pleasant working with MMP tech Hub team.  My kudos to the team for their best performance.  👏👏👏

I would certainly recommend MMP Tech hub to my contacts to avail their service & support. 💐💐💐

With best regards & my sincere wishes to continue your service and delight your customer experience. 

Subbu, a satisfied customer with smile 🙂🙂

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